Our Services

Non-Oil Remediation

No matter what the contaminant, Gaea Environmental has the technical expertise to efficiently, cost-effectively and sustainably remediate any site. We are regularly asked to carry out non-oil remediation on a wide array of chemicals.

Our detailed knowledge and experience across a wide range of remedial techniques, together with our own engineering and fabrication facilities, mean that we can offer our clients fully-managed and reliable solutions that are trusted to work.

EMERGENCY CONTACT: 08000 541 361

Our Experts Handle Non-Oil Remediation of:

  • Heavy Metal contamination
  • Halogenated solvent contamination
  • Inorganic Chemical contamination
  • Soil gases
  • Solvent contamination
  • Pesticides
  • Slurry

If you have another non-oil remediation project not listed above please get in contact.

Specialist Expertise

Gaea is at its core an environmental emergency responder.  Our organisation is structured so that we can respond in a fast and effective manner to environmental emergencies.  Such a crisis can be overwhelming and on-line sources of information can be confusing or inaccurate.  By contacting Gaea you can be assured of:

  • Fast response
  • Reliable advice
  • Temporary repairs
  • Containment
  • Odour management (if required).

Gaea senior management have been accredited with UK & Ireland Spill Association and International Spill Accreditation Scheme or their predecessors for decades.

Trusted Remediation Experience

Our team enjoys a vast wealth of scientific knowledge and technical expertise in the sector, having led projects for other regional contractors since 1998 and establishing a reputation for reliable, effective and hands-on work. Experienced specialists ensure that every project is handled with professionalism and care at all times.