Our Services

Oil Spill Remediation

Gaea has a huge amount of experience in dealing with the remediation of domestic oil spills across the UK, Ireland & Isle of Man.

For 25+ years, Gaea’s senior management has been at the cutting edge of oil spill remediation, successfully managing thousands of clean-ups of every size. Our extensive experience has allowed us to gather an unparalleled knowledge and understanding of the key issues, risks and processes required to ensure a successful remedial outcome.

EMERGENCY CONTACT: 08000 541 361

Our Experts Handle:

Along with our sister companies. Gaea provides services across Ireland & Great Britain including:

  • Internal spills within a residential property, affecting masonry, floors, hardfill and underlying strata
  • External spills at residential properties impacting gardens, driveways, patios, open spaces and third parties
  • Spills affecting controlled / sensitive surface waters such as drains, streams, rivers and groundwaters

Specialist Expertise

As well as our extensive experience in managing domestic oil spills, Gaea’s team regularly handles oil spillages at non-residential premises including:

  • Industrial and commercial premises
  • Agricultural land
  • Petrol chemical
  • Education
  • Faith Properties
  • Local Government premises

All backed by our scientific research and development, oil spill remediation services by Gaea are delivered efficiently and with care, restoring environments as quickly as possible and allowing them to be enjoyed again by homeowners, business owners and occupants.

Clear communication throughout a project keeps all parties up-to-date, and with our team on-hand we fully-manage projects from start to finish.

Trusted Remediation Experience

Our team enjoys a vast wealth of scientific knowledge and technical expertise in the sector, having led projects for other regional contractors since 1998 and establishing a reputation for reliable, effective and hands-on work. Experienced specialists ensure that every project is handled with professionalism and care at all times.