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Oil Supply Leak

What Occurred?
An elderly homeowner in Belfast who was not in good health suffered an escape of oil from the oil supply pipe between his tank and boiler. A very large volume of oil was lost and due to the property being built on sand the oil descended to the groundwater below.

Following investigation to both the shallow sandy soils and the deeper sands and groundwaters a remedial strategy was developed. The upper soils that people would come into contact with were removed and disposed of. The deeper contamination was addressed through a series of boreholes that were installed to depth. The property was almost returned to normal whilst the deeper works were undertaken. The necessary treatment injection systems along with the corresponding recovery and water treatment systems were brought to site and set up at the rear of the property. Electronic control systems were then used to program our equipment so that it could operate round the clock if required.

The system left in place completely cleaned the site and probably the neighbours also. The intrusive part of the works was carried out quickly so that the rear garden could be returned to near normal for the homeowner to enjoy while the rest of the issues were dealt with at depth.

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