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Oil spills on water

In the event that you have an oil spill that has made it’s way to a watercourse such as a ditch, stream, pond or river it is imperative that you take prompt action.  Gaea can respond fast, mobilising expert personnel to contain and recover any spilled oil.  Spills on water will rightly attract the attention of your local Environment Agency, Gaea work with the various agencies on a regular basis and they know your spill will be in safe hands.


From time-to-time spillages can impact the water that you can’t see beneath your property.  This won’t be immediately known but should be at the very least assessed to ensure the integrity of groundwater aquifers which often feed back into rivers and are more regularly used as a drinking water supply.

Gaea have a long track record of dealing with groundwater spillages.

EMERGENCY CONTACT: 08000 541 361

Our Experts Handle:

  • Investigation into the impact of a pollution incident on underlying superficial and bedrock aquifers
  • Fast response, utilising in-house drilling equipment, to determine the level and distribution of contaminants
  • Intervention with specialised total fluids groundwater pumps, groundwater skimmers and a variety of treatment systems

Specialist Expertise

Our groundwater remediation methods have been developed through extensive scientific research and technical expertise. We commonly use a combination of techniques to treat and clean up groundwater including:

  • In-situ chemical oxidation
  • Enhanced bio-remediation
  • Hydroxyl radical degradation
  • Free Phase removal
  • Air sparging
  • Contaminant reduction
  • Multi-phase extraction
  • Pump & Treat
  • Chemical alteration

Based across the UK and Ireland, Gaea responds quickly and with all the skills needed to ensure an efficient and highly effective groundwater remediation.

Trusted Remediation Experience

Our team enjoys a vast wealth of scientific knowledge and technical expertise in the sector, having led projects for other regional contractors since 1998 and establishing a reputation for reliable, effective and hands-on work. Experienced specialists ensure that every project is handled with professionalism and care at all times.