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Domestic Oil Spill
Co. Down

What Occurred?
A retired couple in Co.Down began to notice strong oil smells in their property.  Soon after their heating stopped working and upon investigation they discovered that their old metal home heating oil tank had rusted causing a leak.  This domestic oil spill was significant.

Following detailed investigations and emergency measures to manage oil fumes in the living areas of the property and on a nearby river Gaea put forward proposals to insurers that were promptly accepted.  Excavations of sections of the gardens, the garage floor, drainage and sewer network were quickly undertaken.  Some in-situ treatment was undertaken to the parts of the dwelling that had been impacted to quickly and effectively remove the last traces of home heating oil.  The work was then validated by way of independent analysis to prove that the remaining soils were satisfactory and that the air quality was totally complaint with all Environmental Health guidance.

The reinstatement works were then carried out by Gaea’s in house experts to the very highest standards.  By having this expertise in house we don’t have to wait for tradesmen to become available

Both the Northern Ireland Environment Agency & Building Control were completely satisfied and in particular the work we did to the nearby River prevented a much bigger incident from occurring.

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