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Heating Oil Spill Tyrone

What Occurred?
At a property in Co. Tyrone a spill of home heating originating from a neighbour impacted a customer. The lady homeowner became aware of an oil spill  when some of the grass along the boundary began to die back and her dogs appeared to be affected by something in the area.

Following a thorough investigation we were able to determine that the level of impact. Some excavations were necessary along the boundary to remove the risk of impact to the dwelling foundations. After work was undertaken at the source we were able to validate by way of independent analysis that the risk was now low and proceed to reinstatement.

The homeowner was so delighted that the neighbours also requested Gaea undertake their works. Our work was conducted promptly and efficiently to the highest standards. Insurers were also really happy with the costs but also that their customer had such a good experience.

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