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Residential Oil Spill
Co Armagh

What Occurred?
Unbeknownst to the homeowner in a development in Co. Armagh, the underground oil feed pipe between his tank ad boiler had been slowly leaking for some time. The leak was gradually getting bigger until a new delivery of oil disappeared in a small number of days. The homeowner and some of his neighour’s began to notice strong oil vapours / fumes in their properties.  This residential oil spill in Co Armagh is had the homeowner in a state of anxiety, but no need as this is what we do.

The high risk contaminated soils needed to be excavated and disposed of and some of the block work below ground level needed to be replaced. A robust validation process was undertaken to prove that our works had resulted in the property being brought back to just as good a standard as before the incident.

Our in-house teams of tradesmen reinstated the property to the highest possible standard

The homeowner was extremely happy with everything from first visit to sign off. The works were comprehensive but still completed in a minimum timeframe. Both homeowner and their insurer were delighted with the work, service, communication, timeframe and costs.

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